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Helen Dooley

Head of Legal, AIB

Helen Dooley, group general counsel at AIB leads one of the largest in-house legal teams in the country at around 134 lawyers. AIB is a major Irish consumer and commercial Bank known as one of the big four in Ireland, with a strong presence in Northern Ireland through affiliated partner banks. Dooley has served in the role through a significant transformative period in AIB’s history and has led the team extremely well throughout that period and has been a member of the senior executive leadership group in the Bank for many years. In the words of a nominator, ‘AIB has moved beyond many of the significant legacy issues that it has been dealing with over that period. Dooley has accordingly reorganised the legal team such that it is aligned with the key business divisions within the Bank and is well positioned to advise the Bank on the complex regulatory challenges it faces and to embrace technological developments within the legal profession. The latter have the potential to be of significant value to AIB and Dooley, and her team are to the fore in that area’.

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